A brush with success

/A brush with success

So many clients. So many answers.

This week we’re celebrating one of our client success stories: Monarch.

Monarch came to us because they wanted to launch a new range of brushes for painting wood. The market is pretty saturated and Monarch already has an existing and extensive range of brushes, so they needed to ensure customers would not only buy their brush, but be able to show this evidence to retail buyers. Buyers love numbers, and AnswerCrowd’s loves producing them.

Given how expensive traditional focus groups are, Monarch turned their attention to us to get direct access to consumers’ opinions online. Responses to their survey were returned in under three hours, and results were generated into a report in a matter of seconds. A darn good turnaround if we do say so ourselves.

And what did the report say? Customers wanted the brush.

The data also helped with the product packaging and marketing collateral, because the team knew precisely which messaging to include to make it visible.

New AnswerCrowd surveys result in new product lines and new revenue. All in a day’s work for us.

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