Don’t forget the Seasol!

/Don’t forget the Seasol!

Don’t forget the Seasol!

We’re excited to welcome the newest member of the AnswerCrowd family, Seasol! The iconic Australian brand, known country wide for its range of garden fertilisers, has decided to step up their market research capabilities with AnswerCrowd.

Ever gardened before?

A respected member of the gardening world, Seasol, has been providing Australians with high-quality fertilisers to help their gardens bloom for decades.

Seasol’s wide range of fertilisers caters not only for your general gardening needs but also for specific plants, vegetables and fruit trees, feeding them over time with their PowerFeed products. Seasol even caters for commercial farming!

Improving Perfection

How do you improve on perfection? By thinking outside the square, that’s how!

That’s precisely what Seasol has done, joining AnswerCrowd to assist in making rapid improvements to an already dynamic range of products based on real-time consumer feedback and launching new products based on the inspiration from ordinary Australians and their ideas!

Continually evolving

If you’d like to see what Seasol has been up to in the lately, you can read more about them on their website –

Remember, it’s imperative that you, “Don’t forget the Seasol!”

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