Brand Awareness example questions

/Brand Awareness example questions

Understanding Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness can come in a few different forms. The main two forms that companies care about are brand awareness in relation to competitor brands, and what attributes a consumer would associate their brand with.  The below question types handle both the comparative needs of brand awareness and the attribution.

Question types include:

  • Unprompted Brand Attribute Questions
  • Prompted Competitive Brands Ratings
  • Prompted Brand Attribute Rating Statements


Unprompted Brand Attribute Questions

The easiest of the lot to create, unprompted brand attribute questions are simply open ended questions that ask the consumer what they think or know of your brand. Well written questions will extract all sorts of responses and can also lead the consumer to an outcome that you’re specifically looking for – over and above that of a prompted question.

When using unprompted brand attribute questions it’s really important for the question not to be closed. In other words, it’s important not to ask the respondent whether they think the brand is one thing or another, or to ‘list the top 3 (attributes)’ as this will give you very short responses.

The below list are examples of the kind of questions that can be combined to result good brand attribute responses.

NB: an ‘open’ question in AnswerCrowd can contain more than one of the below questions.

Example Questions

  • What is your first impression of this packaging?
  • What comes to mind first when you see this packaging?
  • Which of the following packaging options do you like most and why?


Prompted Competitive Brands Ratings

Rating your brand against other competitive brands can be a very effective way of getting a picture of how well your brand performs in the marketplace in comparison to others. Doing so is quite simple, just create a series of brands you wish to compare and then construct a question that focuses on the characteristic you wish to rate. It’s very important here to pinpoint exactly what characteristics you wish to compare as your outcomes MAY differ depending on what you ask.

NB: In the below example you’ll see that we’re focusing on recall AND trust. It would also be valid to simply do recall or simply do trust, both are correct.

Example Question

Each of the following brands sell different varieties of donuts. Please rate each of the brands with respect to how much you know of and trust them.

Where 1 means I don’t know them at all and 5 means I know them well and trust them.

Brands to Rate:

  1. ACME Donuts
  2. Bobs Donuts
  3. Donut World
  4. Donuts R US
  5. Mary’s Donuts
  6. Donut Thime
  7. Dough Girls Donuts
  8. Homers Donuts


Prompted Brand Attribute Rating Statements

Brand attribute ratings are quite complicated as you need to know exactly what attributes you’re looking to rate and then how to construct a statement that is not only easily understood but directs respondents to the exact attribute or feeling you’re looking for. Often the attributes that brands will look to uncover includes things like: quality, trust, price point, value for money, likelihood to refer, quality of service, brand positioning and brand recall.

You’ll see in the below example we’ve targeted a number of different attributes nested in among the statements. You’ll also notice if you read carefully that some attributes are duplicated but written in different ways. This is a deliberate fail-safe method to ensure quality of responses.

Example Question

Please rate each of the following statements with respect to the brand ACME Donuts.

Where 1 means Strongly Disagree and 5 means Strongly Agree.

Statements to rate:

  1. I trust that ACME Donuts will give me the best possible tasting donut
  2. ACME Donuts really gives me the best value for money
  3. The ACME Donut is the best tasting donut you can buy
  4. I feel like I will always get the best service when I go to ACME Donut’s
  5. I always refer my family and friends to ACME Donuts
  6. ACME Donuts is the first thing that comes to mind for me when I think about Donuts
  7. Generally I feel like ACME Donuts is the market leader in Donuts
  8. I feel like ACME Donut’s are the best quality donut you can buy


Any combination of these question types can be used to extract meaningful and actionable data. If you’d like to see how much such a survey might cost and why you’d want to do it, see here.

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