Product Packaging Testing example questions

/Product Packaging Testing example questions

Exploring Product Packaging

Extracting valuable data from product packaging testing surveys can be done a number of different ways. Sometimes brands want simple responses where as in other cases more detailed data is required. The below question types can go from simple right through to the more complex. The question types include:

  • Unprompted Opinion Questions
  • Prompted Characteristic Rating Statements
  • Prompted Preference Selection


Unprompted Opinion Questions

Probably the simplest of the lot, unprompted opinion questions just ask the respondent to tell you what they think. A well written question will extract a lot of data whilst questions that are either closed or ambiguous can result in very low data quality being returned. The below list are examples of the kind of questions that can be combined to result good packaging opinions.

NB: an ‘open’ question in AnswerCrowd can contain more than one of the below questions.

Example Questions

  • What is your first impression of this packaging?
  • What comes to mind first when you see this packaging?
  • Which of the following packaging options do you like most and why?


Prompted Characteristic Rating Statements

Prompted Characteristic rating statements are used to give a guide on the strength of certain characteristics of the packaging. Providing respondents with a number of statements that outline the characteristics followed by a conventional likert scale will result in a definitive output highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the design.

Example Questions

Please rate each of the following statements with respect to the packaging images displayed.

Where 1 means Strongly Disagree and 5 means Strong Agree

Statements to Rate:

  1. The packaging makes me feel compelled to buy it.
  2. I get a feeling of quality from the packaging.
  3. The design makes me trust the product.
  4. I get excited when I look at the packaging.
  5. What I see makes me feel that the product and brand is credible.
  6. This design definitely looks better than competitive products available.
  7. I would expect to pay a premium for this product.


Prompted Preference Selection

Clearly very simple, these can often be enough to give the guide a company may look for. Simply provide the respondent with a number of design options and ask them to select which they prefer the most.

Example Questions

Please select which of the following designs you like best, based on the attached images.

Selection options:

  1. Design A
  2. Design B
  3. Design C
  4. Design D


Any combination of these question types can be used to extract meaningful and actionable data. If you’d like to see how much such a survey might cost and why you’d want to do it, see here.

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