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Frequently Asked Questions

Want to get involved in AnswerCrowd but not sure how or you have a few questions you’d like answered before you do?


We are Australia’s only crowd sourced ideation platform. Our propriety software and online community development systems provide a range of crowd sourced community engagement options including open-ended questioning, multiple choice questioning, customer hosted panels and social engagement opportunities. We build, manage and deliver access to online communities who provide opinions, feelings and ideas.

We believe that all businesses have the right to find out what the general public think by asking them for their opinions. This means your business can find out valuable information regarding your products/services by asking our crowd members.

Sign up, free. Ask a question by heading to ‘Ask a Question’ in the top menu bar. You will then be prompted into entering your desired crowd demographics. Once selected, the amount of crowd members and price will be calculated. Then, simply click ‘Submit’.

You have the option to ask premium, basic and multiple choice questions.

OPEN: Open field / free text question type, get up to 1000 characters in responses!
MULTIPLE CHOICE: Multiple choice question with up to 10 options per question. Choose from single select or multi select with the option for ‘other’ text field entries.
RATING: Ask the crowd to rate up to 10 options per question, customisable rating scale and ranges.
RANKING: List up to 10 options to rank, with customisable rating scales and ranges.
SURVEYS: You can combine any combination of the above questions, to create a survey and get a variety of responses all at once.

Age, Gender, State, Postcode, Marital Status, Employment Status, Education Level, Industry, Salary, Household Type, Dependants.

You can also create your own custom segments using our trait functionality.

We make sure you receive the amount of responses you need by notifying more crowd members than you have selected. Once your question has been closed, crowd members that didn’t respond receive a notification that the question has now been closed. All remaining credits will be refunded automatically back into your AnswerCrowd account.

To cancel your Enterprise account, please contact us and we will assist you.

Any answer can be reported by you if it’s unsatisfactory. Upon investigation, if it’s determined to be lacking, you get your credits refunded. If there is explicit or harmful language the crowd member will not receive their credits and your credits will be automatically put back into your AnswerCrowd account.

By clicking ‘My Questions’ on the left menu, you will be shown all of the previous questions that you have asked.

You can close a question by heading to ‘My Questions’ and clicking ‘Close Question’ beside the question you wish to close. This will mean that you will not receive any more results from the crowd you have selected.

Yes, absolutely. You can create a custom segment of our Crowd by asking a trait question. This allows you to ask a question and create 2 or more individual segments from which the Crowd can select.

Once your trait groups are filled, you can then ask them any question you like, at any time, from then on into the future.


Simply click ‘Join’ in the top menu then select whether you are joining as a crowd member or a business. Fill out your details, click ‘Register Account’ and you are officially a crowd member! You will receive notifications as soon as the next question is posted and you are in the businesses chosen target demographic.

When you answer a question, you receive between $0.25 and $1 of credits into your account, depending on which question type you respond to. The more you answer, the more credits you get. For example, if you answer 20 questions, you will have up to $20 worth of credits in your account. You can choose when you would like this amount to be redeemed for a giftpay e-voucher and choose from a wide variety of gift cards. Spend it how and where you want!

Absolutely. Every question you answer, you are getting REAL DOLLARS into your account. Up to $1 worth of credits = $1 AUD. This money is transferred to your chosen e-voucher and you can spend it wherever you like.

It’s so simple. We offer REAL DOLLARS, EVERY TIME. No “go in the running to win”, no ten minute surveys. You can receive the email alerts on your mobile, answer the question on the go and the money is added into your account every single time. There’s nothing else out there that is as easy as this.

When businesses post questions and you are in their selected demographic, you will receive an email notification. In this email you can simply click the link. You will be redirected to the website where you can give your answer. Your credits will be added automatically into your crowd account.

We have a large variety of businesses using AnswerCrowd. This means the questions will always be varied. It is up to the business as to what questions they ask the crowd. Usually it will be questions regarding logos, products, shopping habits and/or product preferences.

We know you are sick of boring and long surveys. Therefore, varying businesses will only ask you one question at a time and you will be rewarded for every single response. Alternatively, you may have to give your insights via answering multiple choice questions. Don’t worry, it’s only 5 questions maximum at any one time. It depends on which demographic the business selects when asking their question. If you are only in the chosen demographic a limited amount of times, you will receive less questions to answer than a crowd member who is in the chosen demographic more frequently. For example, if the business wants to only ask females a question about their beauty products, only females will receive an email and can then answer the question.

Your emails may be going to your spam or junk folder. Please add admin@answercrowd.com.au into your contacts list or to your safe senders list/white list. This should make sure all notifications enter your inbox.

If you click the link and have no questions waiting, it means the business has already received all of the responses they need and have closed the question. To make sure you receive as many credits as you can, make sure you answer the question as soon as you receive your notification email.

To reward you for your answers you can redeem your credit for a e-voucher. You choose the amount you would like to redeem, in $20 or $50 increments. This depends on how many questions you have answered and therefore how many credits you have accumulated in your account. Of course, the more you answer the more credits you get and the larger the reward! To find out more about the variety of e-voucher to choose from, head to www.giftpay.com.

Once you would like your credits transferred to an e-voucher, head to our website, log in and click ‘Redeem Credits’. You then select your chosen voucher “giftpay” and the amount you wish to redeem. Your voucher will be sent to you via your email address which is linked to your AnswerCrowd account.

Yes. You can redeem your credits once you have reached the minimum amount of $20, you can choose to redeem vouchers in $20 or $50 increments.

When you redeem your credits, your e-voucher will be sent to you within 28 business days to your email address registered with your AnswerCrowd account.

Vouchers are sent out within 28 business days of your redemption being registered. If it does not arrive after 28 business days has elapsed, please contact us.

If you lose the email which contained your e-voucher please contact us so we can organise to re-send the email to you. Although, if we can see that your e-voucher has already been “collected” and used by you a further e-voucher will not be sent.

Yes. We do not give your details to businesses who use our service. You will not receive any promotional material from them.


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