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Brand Awareness

Uncover what consumers think of your brand, it’s awareness and association.
Compare with competitor brands and discover areas for improvement and differentiation.

Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness
How It Works

When developing a brand awareness study you first have to work out what’s more important to you – competitive brand awareness or solitary brand attributes. Knowing which is more important to you will help guide your survey structure.

Essentially the two key elements that give you a good baseline (there’s always more depth you can go into) of your brand awareness are rating how your brand compares to your competition and asking respondents what they know of your brand.

Surveying for competitive brand awareness is quite simple, all you have to do is place your brand in among 5 or 9 competitor brands and ask respondents to rate how well they feel they know each of the brands. Rating scales can be 5 or 10 point scales but either way you’ll get an immediate fix on how strong your brand is compared to your competition.

Finding out what consumers know or your brand can be quite simple but you need to make a decision on whether you want this to be prompted or unprompted. Prompted brand attribution comes in the form of a series of rating statements where respondents rate each attribute with respect to how strongly they feel it applies to your brand. By contrast unprompted brand attribution is much simpler, just use an open question and ask respondents to tell you what they know of your brand.

Deciding whether competitive brand awareness or solitary brand attributes are more important will then tell you which of the two question types you put first.



Find out how aware of your brand the public is.


Find out how well consumers can recall your brand and under what circumstances.


Learn what attributes your brand is associated with and how strongly.


See how your brand awareness compares with your competitors and what you can do to improve it.



Choose to start with either a prompted rating question (competitive brands or attribution) or with an unprompted open question asking respondents for unaided brand attribution.

1Rating QuestionUp to 10 statements to rate the characteristics.Optionally Logos
2Open QuestionThree or Four unprompted attribution questions.N/A

Price Range

Unit price of between $8 to $13 per response with a total cost of between $400 and $5,000 depending on inclusions.

Sample Size

  • 50 for quick indication

  • 100 for strong guidance
  • 271 90% confidence @ 5% error
  • 385 95% confidence @ 5% error

Examples of the survey questions are available.

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