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Consumer Behaviour

Discover how consumers think and behave in your market segment.
Understand trends, desires and actions to better position your products.

Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Behaviour Testing
How It Works

When examining consumer behaviour, you need first to determine whether you’re looking to examine behaviour in a whole segment or just with respect to your product specifically. Once you’ve determined that you can then look at and consider the way you want to uncover the behaviour.

The challenge with surveying for consumer behaviour is the fact that unless the behaviour unique, pronounced or unusual, it is difficult for respondents to remember specifics about their actions. Particularly if that behaviour is something that happened a long time ago, the detail about that behaviour will be blurred, possibly with other irrelevant behaviours that get mixed in together when recalled.

This leads to the challenge of deciding whether to execute prompted or unprompted research. Unprompted, open ended research will only yield very good results when the behaviour is either recent or very pronounced/unusual. If the behaviour you’re looking for doesn’t fit that category then it can be worth sticking with prompted questions – though those have their own challenges such as false positives.

Typically speaking the three variants of questions for consumer behaviour research are 1) aided, unprompted open questions, 2) aided, prompted behaviour influence rating questions and 3) aided, prompted action selection multiple choice questions. A combination of part or all three will net actionable consumer behaviour survey results.



Uncover what influences a consumers behaviour and decisions.


Learn which emotions or behaviours your packaging will illicit.


Find out what improvements could be made to your packaging


Understand what marketing messages will illicit the behaviour you’re looking for.



Whether you’re researching product or category behaviour and how prevalent the behaviour is will determine how you use prompted or unprompted questions.

1Open QuestionThree or Four unprompted behaviour questions.N/A
2Rating QuestionUp to 10 statements to rate the behaviour influences.Shelf Images
3Multiple Choice QuestionUp to 10 options to select behaviour actions.Store Images

Price Range

Unit price of between $8.50 to $12.50 per response with a total cost of between $425 and $5,000 depending on inclusions.

Sample Size

  • 50 for quick indication

  • 100 for strong guidance
  • 271 90% confidence @ 5% error
  • 385 95% confidence @ 5% error

Examples of the survey questions are available.

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